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Commercial buildings like offices, restaurants serve more audiences than private residences. Ergo, their inspection is more important to save the lives of the workers and guests alike.

Our commercial Inspections in Clermont, FL include a thorough scan from.flooring to the ceiling.

The roof of the commercial complexes must be walkable and the inspectors walk the roofs to ensure it indeed is. The pitch, the material, the vents, lights everything is prim and proper.

The attics are meticulously scanned even till the most unreachable corners to check the wiring, strapping etc. The plumbing of the complexes are checked to measure the distribution of water, it’s pressure, sanitation and bathroom fittings

The foundation, ventilation, underneath wiring, plumbing is checked to make the structures standing on a solid base.

The HVAC and cooling system, the heating arrangement is checked to make sure any possibility of an accident is warded out.

The exteriors of the buildings are checked to ensure proper safety of the inhabitants at any hour of the day. The paths, the driveway, the car parking, the premises, everything is thoroughly inspected. The structure is checked against the totality of the picture to ensure a full coverage.


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