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In Clermont, Florida, there is a huge number of mobile homes that are under the constant risk of damage by the regular arrivals of hurricanes in the area. A ‘tiedown’ of mobile homes means to strengthen a mobile home’s footing to prevent and to avoid the risk of being uplifted during the hurricanes by using a metal strap that is used to surround the entire area of a mobile home. A tie-down inspection is carried out to check if the metal strap is in a good condition and to check any other negativities that may exist.

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In Clermont, Florida, the HUD is so concerned about the quality of these tie-downs after Hurricane Andrew hit the land that it has become a necessary for mobile home owners to frequently get the tie-downs tested by hiring professional experts from agencies such as Local Home Inspectors which deliver the best service to their clients. A thorough check up of the soil conditions, climate conditions, anchors, foundation, elevation and various other things is necessary in order to get any kind of insurance or loan


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